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Beautiful mountain bike trails

Discover beautiful mountain bike trails and enjoy Lammersdorf, where the breathtaking beauty and colorfulness of the Carinthian nature becomes an unforgettable experience for mountain bikers.


Look forward to warm hospitality and an unforgettable mountain bike holiday.
Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, inspired by the natural beauty and charm of Carinthia.


Explore the surrounding natural treasures and be inspired by the various mountain bike trails in our region.
Our hotel offers you a retreat where you can relax and unwind after exciting days on the mountain bike.
Discover the culinary delights of Carinthian cuisine in our restaurant and gain new energy for your mountain bike adventures.

We attach great importance to making your mountain bike holiday with us unforgettable and making you feel at home.
We look forward to welcoming mountain bikers from all over the world and bringing you the following.

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