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The bar

Our little bar

Visit our cosy, old-fashioned bar and discover the charm of yesteryear. Generations of villagers have made memories, met loved ones and made friendships here. Step inside and experience the warm atmosphere and cosiness of this special place



Our bar serves the best local Gösser beer, known for its quality and taste. Brewed in the tradition of Austrian beer culture, Gösser beer is an excellent choice for beer lovers. Taste the rich taste and unique aromas of the Gösser beer, and enjoy an authentic beer experience in our cozy bar.



We also serve delicious Pago fruit juices. Known for its quality and fresh taste, Pago is a favorite choice among local residents and our guests. With their wide range of flavours, from the classic joannesbear, marille and mango, Pago offers something for everyone. Enjoy a refreshing glass of Pago fruit juice in our cozy bar and discover the delicious flavors of the Alps.

Merlot Burger

Austrian wines

For wine lovers, we offer a carefully selected wine list with excellent wines from Weingut & Kellerei Matthias Burger. Try our excellent Merlot, Grüner Veltliner and Blauer Zweigelt and be enchanted by their taste.

Nice team behind the tap!
Gösser tap shining centre in the bar.
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