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Rooms and apartments

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Our hotel rooms and apartments are the perfect place to relax after a day full of activities. Don't expect unnecessary luxury or modern gadgets, but book a room here with a cozy and cozy atmosphere.

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First floor

  • Room 2 has a double bed and a bath

  • Room 3 has an extra single bed in addition to a double bed

  • Room 4 and 5 are both double rooms

  • Apartment 6 is a 4 person apartment and can be booked together with rooms 8 and 5 for larger families or groups

  • Room 8 is for one person and has a shower

Second floor

  • Room 10 is not rented and used privately

  • Apartment 11 has a double bed, a small children's room with a child's bed. The apartment can be rented together with room 19 for larger families

  • Room 12 and 14 are both double rooms

  • Apartment 15 is a 6 person apartment and can be booked together with rooms 15 and 17 for larger families or groups

  • Room 17 and 18 are for one person and have a bathroom

  • Room 19 has no toilet and no bathroom and is only rented in combination with other rooms.

Coca Cola koelkast

🥤 Self-service refrigerator powered by Coca-Cola! 🥤

On our first floor you will find a special refreshment option: our spacious refrigerator, sponsored by Coca-Cola!

Here you can choose your favorite drink. Whether you fancy a refreshing cola, a sparkling water or a nice white wine or ice tea - just grab what you want and leave a little note at the reception with what you took.

Pawprint-free zone

Huisdieren zijn niet toegestaan.

At our hotel, we are all about relaxation, comfort and peace of mind for all our guests. While we ourselves are big fans of furry four-legged friends and their mischievous antics, we decided to make our hotel a 'pawprint-free zone'. Why, you ask? Well, because we have noticed that even the most well-mannered dogs sometimes feel the urge to mark territory and regard our grounds as their own personal outlet. Understandable, isn't it?

Besides, we have also noticed that dogs can start the most colourful conversations with their peers - conversations that often involve a bit of barking and growling. We want to avoid our guests being woken up in the middle of the night by an unexpected serenade from the dog choir.


But fear not, because our hotel is still an oasis of hospitality. We welcome you with open arms - all without the tickle of a wagging tail or the clatter of dog paws. So leave your fluffy pals in good hands and enjoy a peaceful stay in Lammersdorf.

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